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welcome to global village
a new way to make phone calls

With Global Village, you can make FREE calls to Global Village users and most other VoIP users anywhere in the world

How much does it cost to belong to Global Village? Absolutely nothing. There is no monthly fee and there is never a charge for calling another Global Village member or other VoIP number or for receiving a VoIP call from anyone.

Call around the corner or around the world. It’s free! Really!


free calls to other global village subscribers

Every call you make to another Global Village user is absolutely FREE. That is true whether you call around the corner or around the world. Every Global Village subscriber will have a unique 7 digit phone number. That’s all you need to dial another Global Village user.



free calls to many other internet phone users around the world

The Internet phone community is growing every day. Through Global Village, you can place free call to many other Internet phone users around the world. To dial another Internet service, you must first dial a “1”, then a 3-digit “area code” followed by the number on the other service. These “Internet area codes” are selected by each service and Global Village connects you.

service “internet
area code”
  CALL UK 285  
FWD 393
  GRADWELL 472  
   GOSSIPTEL  464  
  IPTEL 478  
  IAXTEL 700  
  SIPPHONE 747  
For example, a very popular free service is Free World Dial, often referred to as FWD, started by VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver. If you know someone with a FWD phone number you can dial 1 393 followed by their phone number. 393 is the “Internet area code” used by FWD. Global Village will be expanding our relationships with other services so check back to if you are looking for a service not listed. Currently you can connect to the following through Global Village:





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