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frequently asked questions about switching service


What happens to my incoming phone number?
Your US direct dial number can be ported to another phone service. Most VoIP providers can provide this porting service. In addition you can transfer the number to a tradtional phone service such as Verizon or mobile phone services including Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile.

What about an International phone number?
International phone numbers generally can not be ported to another service.

How does the final billing work?
If you are on a monthly plan, your last billing cycle will be pro-rated to reflect a October 7th end date. For pay as you go service such as international calls and plans where you pay by the minute for US calls, a final charge will be made to the credit card on file by October 31st.

What if I have question about my final bill?
Please send your question to

Can I still make free Global Village to Global Village calls?
Yes, the free GV to GV service will continue to operate.

Can I use my Zoom hardware with other services?
Yes. Your Zoom ATA, X5v or V3 is not locked to the Global Village service.

What if I need help switching my Zoom hardware to another service?
Please visit the Zoom Telephonics Technical Support area at Here you will find detailed information about the hardware, our SmartFacts Q&A Search Engine and links to chat with a Zoom Tech or submit a question. You may also click the links below for specific information on configuring your device.

Configuring with Other Service Providers
Configuring Your ATA
Configuring Your X5v or V3






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